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Marko Pavlović: “The biggest opportunities still lie in self-initiated projects and collaborations with others”

“The challenges are numerous, and a freelance designer must be both a good worker and a good boss. You are actually in a managerial position because you have to adequately manage resources such as time, money, knowledge and equipment. One of the biggest, if not the main challenge, is to build and maintain a good customer base and quality relationship with the customers. Additionally, it is necessary to strive to create diverse revenue streams. This can be achieved, for example, by implementing projects that can bring long-term earnings or royalties, and one-off projects that can be done in shorter time intervals. As the third and most challenging opportunity, I see independent production and sale of one’s own products, and building of one’s own brands as a designer-entrepreneur.” – INTERVIEWED BY: Marko Golub


SVJETLANA DESPOT: “Design is a sign of community’s prosperity”

“The head is full, and the hardest part is stopping ideas and redirecting them. You have to give up some, separate the important from the irrelevant. Then the first guiding thread comes up, an aha moment happens. So the blink starts with a slogan or a movie in your head. I am inspired by organic forms and the world around me. Designing a space is a way to create a unique sensory environment that acts seamlessly and cohesively. It is a unique micro-universe that creates an impact on its users and can bring happiness, peace and inclusion. I often imagine the interior as a continuation of the urban fabric that connects the environment with its interior, creating a visual connection between the external and internal space, respecting the elements of the natural environment. ” – Interviewed by: Ora Mušćet