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JOHN L. WALTERS (Eye magazine): “Write about what is in front of you, and don’t let the reader go to sleep”

“Writers and editors (and magazine art directors) should not be the story. We bring our experience and knowledge to a subject, but a magazine is for its readers – whom we presume to want the best words and the most appropriate pictures for each feature or review. Magazine-making is not a form of self-expression. Having said that, there will always be parts of one’s personality that leak through, and that occurs in designing, too. ” – INTERVIEWED BY: MARKO GOLUB


Deniz Ova: “Design is immanent within everyday life”

“The future of design in my opinion lies in collaborative concepts and new ways of using materials. The field will hopefully be affected more and more from the current focus on ecology, while designs that are thinking and producing with sustainable, circular, and trans or multi-disciplinary methods will continue to be on everyone’s agenda. Technological products will feature more personalised options as our attention will still be on the digital world and mobile applications.” – interviewed by: ORA MUŠĆET