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What Can Design Tell Us About Itself? – The Exhibition of Croatian Design 1718

A designer who is usually recognised as good at what he or she does quite often exudes that glamorous aura of an inspired individual. However, good design oftentimes remains hidden behind the anonymous and the collective (in big agencies, for instance) or behind the omnipresent and almost undetectable, behind miniature, yet strategically important modifications and transformations of long-lasting brands, etc. One of the advantages of this sort of exhibition format for presenting design is that it provides a general idea about what is perceived as a good standard, an “example of good practice”, a benchmark of excellence. Since design has never been only “one thing” (and certainly it is not today), but rather many different things, it would be naive to talk about some universal standard. – WRITTEN BY: MARKO GOLUB

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DEJAN DRAGOSAVAC: “There is no shame in seeing the spirit of the times in design “

“The way you approach and deal with the specificities and issues of the form you are working on has become, in time, a characteristic of your aesthetics, or to put it simply, a part of your authorial language. When for years one does editorial design, ones starts to think like that too: what is seen at first sight, how to involve the reader into a story, where is the beginning, what is the most important information, hierarchy, is design presenting the content and similar. However, that is often the case of a game of “wrong form”, when for example you design a poster that looks like a tram ticket, likewise a newspaper page can be a poster, a book cover or a festival flyer” – INTERVIEWED BY: MARKO GOLUB