International Poster Competition (RE)IMAGINING EUROPE

Croatian Designers Association in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Croatia, with the endorsement of ico-D, International Council of Design, are organising an international Poster Competition on the theme (RE)IMAGINING EUROPE. The Competition is open to all designers residing in Europe, plus ten invited authors chosen by the organizers. All the interested designers and design teams should send in their works by midnight December 31st 2019 (CET). More details below.

Project Background

Project “Europe 2020” began in 2002 at the initiative of designer Boris Ljubičić and Croatian Designers Association and had resulted in a considerable response from European designers in offering their vision of what Europe would be like in 2020. The project continued in 2003. under the theme “Why?“ that has presented designing Europe as a problem for designers in the broadest sense, and design itself as an active medium in fostering social change. In 2005, the project fostered a dialogue between Europe as it is versus the Europe we would like to live in, under the theme “Today for Tomorrow”.


(Re)Imagining Europe in 2020

With this new poster competition we wish to establish a new dialogue – design is a crucial point of departure for a new identity that needs to be re-imagined in the ever-changing landscape of Europe. Today European countries and their relations are evolving, but are also facing new and different challenges, combining the diversity of their cultural and historical heritages that offers Europe a specific and unique place in the world. Thematically open, but at the same time defined by civil and public content around us, this poster competition aims to result in works that would reaffirm designers’ professional and intellectual affiliation with Europe.

The new title (Re)Imagining Europe is but a thematic blueprint for designers or design teams to present their visions of a new, better Europe they wish to live in. Europe needs new visions of its future and designers as its co-creators. The goal of the poster competition is to be inclusive, open towards all European countries and their cultural and civilizational heritage. The diversity of ideas will, hopefully, open up new horizons and offer new visions for the future and help define design as an agent in improving the quality of our lives. Designers are free to tackle any issue they want under the scope od re-imagining a better Europe.


The Poster competition

The Competition is open to all designers residing in Europe, plus ten invited authors chosen by the organizers. The works will undergo a pre-selection process by the Pre-selection committee comprised of representatives of the organizers (Marija Juza, Dejan Kršić, Nevena Tudor Perković and Alemka Vrcan) will select the works for the exhibition and catalog.

Selected works will be judged by an international jury (Marija Juza, Dejan Kršić, Nevena Tudor Perković, Alemka Vrcan and Demetrios Fakinos), who will award three awards:

1st Award – 4500 EUR

2nd Award – 4000 EUR

3rd Award – 2500 EUR

as well as the ico-D Excellence Award.

All awards are listed in brutto amounts.

The awards will be announced at the exhibition opening.

The jury, at its discretion, may withhold the awards or prizes or divide the total prize money in other proportions. Awards and any cash prizes will be paid within one month of the announcement of the awards.

The Exhibition

All selected and invited works will be showcased at an exhibition in Zagreb, Croatia, juxtaposed with a selection of original works from 2002. to present the evolution of designers’ thoughts and ideas. Part of the exhibition will also be showcased in Bruxelles, Belgium, honouring Croatian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the first half of 2020. By entering the competition, designers automatically grant the permission for their works to be published in a catalogue and exhibited at the exhibition.

Time frame

18th November 2019 – the beginning of the Competition

31st December 2019 by midnight (CET) – deadline for submission of works

10 January – end of pre-selection and results announcement

How to enter

Designers and design teams should send in their works for Pre-selection and Judging electronically via file transfer service to by midnight December 31st 2019 (CET). Works that are not clearly marked or sent after the closing date will automatically be disqualified.


Competition work consists of:

  • A4 pdf document with the designer’s or studio names in the name of the file, for the purpose of pre-selection and judging. If one designer or team submits more than one work, the order number of the application should be added to in the document name
  • Filled Application form that can be downloaded here.
  • TIFF document, B1 format, 300 dpi, CMYK, for the poster printing

Please do not send printed posters. Organizers will have all the selected works printed locally from your files.

All works must be received by midnight December 31st 2019 (CET) at the address


Competition is open to all designers and design teams currently residing in Europe (defined as continent and not EU membership). Members of the Organizing committee, Executive committee, Pre-selection committee and Jury, as well as their family members of close collaborators cannot take part in the Competition and will be automatically disqualified.



For all additional questions and clarifications please write to


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Europa 2020_Call for submissions