Poziv na sudjelovanje na Venturi Lambrate 2016.

Pozivaju se dizajneri, dizajnerski studiji, institucije, fakulteti da prijave sudjelovanje na sedmom izdanju Ventura Lambrate koja će se održati od 12. do 17. travnja 2016. u sklopu Tjedna dizajna u Milanu. Rok za prijavu je 11. prosinca 2015.

Ventura Lambrate 2016 will focus on the following themes and elements:

  • Pioneering and fresh design research, projects and prototypes;
  • Project and product collections in line with current progress in technologies, materials, productions methods, etc;
  • Immaterial and forward looking design: sound and video design, performances, interactive design, robots and artificial creativity;
  • Social design, projects that helps to improve the quality of life;
  • Crossovers between the design world and other disciplines.

We will be glad to receive all applications. So start your application right here!

Attention, the deadline to apply is 11 December! See our website for more details on how to apply. And if you have any questions, just contact us at milano@organisationindesign.com. We will be glad to assist you!


Ventura Lambrate 2015. / fotografija: Marco Ranocchio

Ventura Lambrate 2015. / fotografija: Marco Ranocchio


Ventura Projects is the internationally renowned circuit dedicated to revolutionary design trends, completely curated and produced by the Dutch studio Organisation in Design. Ventura Lambrate in Milan gives designers, labels, institutions, academies and collectives a real opportunity to present their latest projects to a broad international and motivated audience.

‘Ventura Lambrate is an essential meeting point, it is our job to create an atmosphere where new contacts can be made. This not only promotes sales and new projects, but also gives you the possibility to present your work to a global audience’. Margriet Vollenberg – Art Director and Co-founder of Ventura Lambrate